Associazione Interbion



Interbion Association


For informations about the Association, please write to:





Info about medical examinations

Prof. Pierpaoli does not perform medical examinations. To request the name of an Interbion Association accredited doctor, please send an e-mail to:



  • Name and Surname
  • Place of residence
  • contact number
  • A brief description of your request. Do not enclose medical exams or other documents, the same will be requested directly by the suggested doctor.
  • Medical examinations are performed in Fano, Rome or Milan


It is also possible to call the following number (only info, no appointments for examinations) from Monday to Friday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.:

 +39 345.179.5063

Associazione Interbion

Interbion Association
Via Montevecchio, 82

61032 Fano (PU)

Codice fiscale 97772670150

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