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January 28, 2016

It's now available the Dr. Pierpaoli's Medical Handbook - Vademecum 2015, the last and complete work of Dr. Walter Pierpaoli.

The book wants to be a summary of the Dr. Pierpaoli's approach to the medical philosophy, as he explains in the introduction of this handbook:  


 "(...) Over the last fifty or sixty years, man has invented the most ridiculous medical treatments imaginable. Such treatments have been based on the idea that man-made molecules, although completely foreign to the body (and therefore discarded by nature) are able not only to alleviate symptoms but even to bring about healing! This idea persists for two reasons: the first is profit at all costs (especially when it comes to the perpetuation of chronic diseases of all kinds). The second is a total ignorance of the etiology of disease; why it starts and what causes it, along with decay, aging and death.

I would like to address all those doctors who may wish to abandon the pernicious world of drugs and join me in the conviction that nature is our best teacher; and that nature’s secrets are so incredibly simple that they remain a mystery (...)".


Dr. Pierpaoli's Medical Handbook - Vademecum 2015 (300 pages, in English) is immediately available in E-book version. In a few weeks It will also be available in a printed version.


You can read the first two chapthers (till pag. 48) free and buy the book here.


We are now also working for the Italian version of the book.  

28 Gennaio 2016
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