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The Interbion Foundation organizes courses for physicians centered on Prof. Pierpaoli's medicine and its innovative approach, strategic and targeted towards health.
These courses lasting an average of five days turned to doctors and other health professionals who have a good understanding of biochemistry and hormones. In particular it is aimed at those who are interested in the processes of aging and its connection to the disease that they bring.
During the courses you can find out the studies and experiments linked to the pineal gland and how they apply to clinical interventions to resynchronization neuro-endocrine-immune which, when corrected, leads to the recovery of the biological body.
It also explains how to maintain this balance biological-metabolic in all living creatures is directly linked to day-night rhythm variability and environmental-season. And as the planetary rhythms regulate the synthesis and secretion circadian axis hypothalamus and pituitary hormones. The synthesis and secretion of these hormones are indeed closely interdependent and diseases. They represent the expression of their de-synchronization.
It is then shown how to evaluate a patient's condition from the point of view of physical and laboratory. But also what procedures to adopt to carry out a check-up to the patient, with any adjustments that may be needed to arrive at a full knowledge of how to prevent and manage all
degenerative diseases using natural formulations contained in the kits formulated by Prof. Walter Pierpaoli.


Pierpaoli's Medical School Showreel 2015 at Fano, Italy


Inter-Hormone Re-Synchronization
Medical School
Palazzo Martinozzi, Fano (PU), Italy



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